Top 6 Effective Jewellery Care and Cleaning Tips

6 Essential Tips on Jewellery Care and Cleaning

Find 6 Essential Tips on Jewellery Care and Cleaning, Maintaining your Jewellery is as important as wearing it. And for that, it needs proper Jewellery care and cleaning. Dirt, dust, oil, and pollution can dull their sparkle and make your jewellery look dull and cheap. Once you know how to clean Jewellery, it will leave your adornments looking as new as ever. Here’s some of the best Jewellery care tips to keep your ornaments clean and shining:

1. Make them air tight

One of the most common reasons for jewellery pieces to lose their charm is environmental factors. You’d be surprised to learn how dirt, dust, oil and pollution can dull their sparkle. So always store your precious pieces in an air-tight jewellery box.

2. Avoid chemical exposure

Jewellery is a combination of some of the purest metals and stones. Factors such as perfumes and skin care products are loaded with chemicals that react with your jewellery metals. Now ensure you minimise the exposure of such perfumes & chemicals to your jewellery.

3. Remove during physical activity

If you are prone to undertake physical activities, it is advisable to store your jewellery beforehand. Playing sports or lifting weights etc can do damage to the ring. In fact, it can harm you too by getting stuck to any nooks and ridges.

4. Clean with a soft cloth

Your jewellery pieces deserve every bit of your attention and rightly so. Ensure that you clean your stunning pieces after every use using a soft cloth. This will help you make them last longer. Jewellery care is necessary on regular basis.

5. Keep them away from the sun

Keep your jewellery out of spaces that are prone to direct sunlight and heat exposure which can fade and damage your jewellery thereby reducing its overall life. Save your stuff in coloured boxes that are airtight for ideal storage.

6. Avoid exposure to moisture

Moisture can seriously affect the quality of your products and make them prone to chemical deterioration. Ensure that you keep them away during bathing or washing utensils or any other activity that may need expose your products to moisture.

Everyday products that you can use to protect your jewellery:

Gold and Diamond Jewellery: You may use a few drops of dish soap and a little warm water to the solid gold bracelets, chains, and earrings. Small pieces of Jewellery must be soaked first, while large ones can directly be washed. Use a new soft hair toothbrush and clean the diamond surface, then lay them on a soft cloth to remove water and use hair dryer to dry it. After 90% dry, you can use a soft cloth again to buff on the gold area.

Pearls: Pearls can easily lose shine due to their porous nature. Always remember, never soak pearls. Start by placing a strand of pearls on a soft cloth. In a mixture of warm water and a mild shampoo, dip a clean makeup brush and go over each pearl. Rinse the pearls with a clean and damp cloth. To prevent the string from stretching, let the strand dry flatly.
Some more Jewellery care & cleaning tips to remember:

  • Don’t wear rings while working or applying lotion
  • Remove Jewellery when swimming

Colour stone jewellery: Precious and semi-precious stones (e.g. emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, quartz etc) are easily clean with the jewellery cloth. Just rub the surface softly to remove oil and dirt. Do not put it into an ultrasonic cleaner machine.
Now protect your jewellery from all kinds of damage by following these quick and handy tips.

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