Top 5 best ways to store jewellery

Easy and Effective Jewellery Storage Ideas

Raise your hands if you have felt annoyed every time your delicate jewellery get tangled up!

You are not the only one!

Now, tell us honestly, how many of you just randomly toss off your everyday earrings and bracelets in that one designated drawer?

We know you don’t want to accept it, but a lot of us do that! Remember, if it’s out of your sight, it’s out of your mind. And you don’t want to miss out on flaunting your precious shine, do you?

You definitely spend your hard-earned money and efforts on building up your jewellery collection. Hence, spend equal efforts in storing and organizing Jewellery ideas.

Let’s quickly list down how to store your jewellery:

1. Clean before you keep:

Sweat changes the color of the pieces and makes them look old. So, it is important that before storing, you wipe off all the sweat from the jewellery pieces and store it at concealed places. You can also check out our 6 essential Jewellery care and cleaning tips blog for keeping them away from dust and dirt.

2. Assign a drawer:

You must designate one space where you keep ALL your jewels. Be it in a particular corner in your wardrobe or an individual drawer, Especially to Store Fine Jewellery, you must secure a place that gets to see the light of the day! Your jewellery drawer should be exposed to air and sun once in a while so that moisture doesn’t kill luster. But please remember that your jewellery should in no way be direct contact with sunlight for long. Try storing them in airtight boxes.

3. Compartmentalise:

There is no one fit rule to compartmentalizing your jewellery for Organizing Jewellery ideas. You can make your own way for the categories – type wise, or color, or on the basis of stones. You can simplify your collection according to your ease, but always keep similar things alike and compact. This way you have all your options right in front of you!

4. Pin and Hang It Up:

Pin accessories like rings, earrings, or brooches in a box with a sponge base instead of throwing them up in a tiny aesthetic box. You may want to believe that the little jewels can be placed in a small box to save space, but you might end up breaking them that way. Also, you may choose to take aboard, stand, or aesthetic artificial plants to hang your less delicate jewels. This will not only keep your jewellery detangled but also level up your interiors!

5. Wrap it up in velvet:

The best way to store fine jewellery is to keep them cushioned in a velvet base. This keeps them scratch-free and maintains the shine and quality of the stones – especially pearls.

Ladies, make sure you are pampering your delicates with all of your delicate heart! Trust us, aesthetically displayed jewels give a unique feeling in the hearts!

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