Best Unique Gifting Ideas for Women's Day
Gifting Ideas

Gifting Ideas for Women’s Day

The most beautiful accessory a woman can wear is confidence, but a little piece of diamond never hurts! This march, as we celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, let’s wear our unshakable confidence, sparkling smile and dynamic dignity!

Embrace your inner beauty and touch upon the souls of nature! Let’s take the world by storm with our weapons – wit, beauty and fine diamond jewellery by Khoé Jewellery.

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Choose your weapon or gift the weapon of strength to the boss lady of your life! Let’s take you through magnificent jewellery collection that you can wear this women’s day!

1. 14K “Rendezvous” Diamond Ring

A woman has multiple dimensions and traits just like this multi-dimensional hexagon ring! The royalty of Mother-of-Pearl comes together with an embedded set of diamonds for the woman who has it all! If you’re looking for the perfect 14k gold ring, you’re at the right place.

14K “Rendezvous” Diamond and Mother-of-Pearl Pendant

Every woman’s beauty is rare, raw and ravishing! And so are the pearls in the Rendezvous Diamond and Mother-of-Pearl Pendant. The cuts are shaped to fit in the symmetry for the woman who stands out with her beauty! Add charm to your women’s day look with Mother of Pearl Rendezvous Pendant.

MOP- 14K “Rendezvous” Diamond Pendant

$ 248.00
14k Rose Gold
14k White Gold
14k Yellow Gold

14k Diamond “Clover” Diamond & MOP ring

Pair your “Clover” earring with the matching “CLOVER” ring for a perfect casual look for your day date with yourself or your loved one!

2. 18k “Show Stealer” Diamond Earring

Wear the vocabulary of modern design and steal the show with our “show stealer” earrings! Curves are perfect for sure, and so is the curved design of this earring!

Nue -18K “Show-Stopper” Diamond Earrings

$ 1,600.00
18k Rose Gold
18k White Gold
18k Yellow Gold

3. 14K “Show and Tell” Diamond Ring

Intertwined lines of diamonds and gold perfectly capture the delicately woven personality of the modern woman. The contrasting shapes and textures reflect the dynamism that a woman is! Add an edge of detail to your women’s day look with this ring.

14K “Felicia” Ring

For the woman with a colourful spirit, Felicia Ring comes in multitudes of colours and shades of love! Centred with a minutely cut diamond piece which is surrounded by rows of white diamonds, this ring is perfect fit for the radiant woman! Choose your shade this women’s day!

14k “FAITH” Diamond Necklace

Hang hope, faith and luck around you all the time with this sublime layered necklace. This elegant piece is perfect for everyday look as well as special dates.

Cross -14K “Faith” Diamond Necklace

$ 755.00
14k Rose Gold
14k White Gold
14k Yellow Gold

If you think that’s all, let us shock you! Khoé Jewellery has an entire range of fine jewellery including 18k / 14k gold rings, earrings, necklace which goes with diamond, pearl, gemstone, you can be customised according to your taste! Khoé knows that each woman is unique! And so is your jewellery collection!

Don’t settle for anything less than the look you deserve and desire for this International Women’s Day!
On the big day of women’s day, amidst the grand celebrations don’t forget to add the charming jewellery piece to your look!

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