How to choose the ring size while buying online

Choosing the right size for your ring?

Choosing the right ring size is very important when buying a ring from an online store. Half a size too small does not fit, whereas half a size too wide slides around. With this ring size guide, you can find a ring that suits you best! The perfect ring isn’t that far away. To determine your ideal ring size, follow these quick and easy steps:

1. Wrap a string or floss around the base of your finger, not too tight or loose
2. Mark the point where the ends meet
3. Try measuring the string with an mm ruler
4. Check your string length with the size guide

For best results:

• Give enough space for your knuckle to go through
• Measure for specific fingers, as all fingers vary in shape and size and even left-right hand is different

For more ways to know your ring size, you can follow these hacks:

• Local jewelers: This is a reliable option, thanks to standard sizes. Your nearest jeweler will also have a sizing conversion chart to normal US ring sizing, even if you’re out of the US. The jewellery shops at the mall are also a good choice. If you are already there to window shop, this is an easy way to get your size of the ring.
• Plastic ring sizer: You can order and reuse plastic ring sizers that are available anywhere on the internet. This works pretty well if you follow the included instructions.
• Printable ring sizer rules: These are printable ring size guides that help you double-check your ruler measurements. You can either cut out the sheet and make it into a paper ring slider or match an existing ring to the sizer. Avoid errors due to slipping, crumpling, and misreading.

Here are some tips on how to measure ring size for women:

• Always consider your knuckles. You should ideally order half a size larger if you have thin fingers but wider knuckles.
• Sizing is affected by temperature: your finger will be smaller if you’re cold and bigger if you’re warm. This can make the difference between a well-fitted and tight ring.
• The same finger can take different sizes on your left and right hand.
• Your diet affects your ring size too! Salty foods cause water retention, which increases ring size. So does alcohol. Wait a day or two to measure your size after you’re done savoring.

Sizing life hacks:

• Wider bands have less “give” to slide over your knuckle (compared with a dainty stacker band), so you may need to increase the size of the ring. For bands 2mm or wider, consider ordering a half size larger than you normally would.
• If you are not too sure about your size, please consult with our team to help you to find the best size.

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