Interview With Fashion Icon Alex Gostick On Men’s Jewellery Aesthetics
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Khoé Power: Interview With Alex Gostick On Men’s Jewellery Aesthetics

If you head to the Hong Kong young fashion influencer, Alex Gostick’s Instagram account, you will know all the right places to soak in the hip and intellectual vibes in town. But the most important thing that you will come across is jewellery and fashion aesthetics. Part-time student model, Alex Gostick has revamped men’s jewellery trends and wow, we are thrilled!

We always saw male celebrities and stars throughout eras, flaunting their jewels. But with the advent of young influencers like Alex, every man in this world can finally think of styling jewellery for casual fashion.

From fine-dining mingles to weekend chill-out occasions, male jewellery is becoming a hit everywhere! Don’t trust us? Look at these diverse looks that Alex has pulled off with glamorous jewels.

Alex Gostick chill-out occasion
Alex Gostick with her friend posing for a picture
Alex Gostick at cafe
Alex Gostick Having Coffee

Alex believes that the only fashion piece that has the power to make you exclusive is jewellery. Watch Alex’s full conversation with Khoé Jewellery where he tells all about the uniqueness of accessories: (Hold up till the end – Alex Gostick reveals his ultimate tip for styling rings!)

Alex loves jewellery that he wouldn’t normally see on someone else. And also stacks of rings and necklaces that are different from each other. Mix and match yellow gold and white gold rings on both hands is his favourite. And that is precisely why he loves the wide collection of Khoé Jewellery.

Alex’s favourite picks:

Do you want to stand out with some striking and diverse jewellery as well? Well, trust the fashion icon Alex Gostick and pick yours from Khoé jewellery!

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