Interview with Tech x Fashion Icon – Taylor Jordn on Life Adventure & Integrity

Khoé Power: Interview with Tech x Fashion Icon – Taylor Jordn on Life Adventure & Integrity

At Khoé we celebrate girl power. Sportingly gaming her way through the male-dominated gaming and DJ society – Taylor Jordn shows bespoken vibes!

In Taylor, you will see fashion meets technology! Poles apart spheres of life, that Taylor Jordn has creatively ruled on!

We are already excited to hear more about how she has brought these two diverse fields together! Let’s straight away get into conversation with Techno-fashionista Taylor Jordn!


Khoé: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? What do you do as a profession and what is your greatest passion in life?

Taylor: Currently I have two monikers Tslayz and Taylor Jordn. Although being drastically different they both represent my creativity and different cultures I am drawn to. Tslayz was born from my online gaming and fashion persona but has expanded too so much more. Tslayz represents my love for open format djing across multiple genres. I love the challenge of transitioning from electronic to hip hop to whatever it takes to keep the dance floor packed. Tslayz also stands for my love of fashion as I am currently working on a few new upcoming lines, but ultimately at the core is my love of technology, streaming and online gaming.

Also, as a polar opposite my Taylor Jordn represents my love for underground dark techno. Unlike the quick transitions of open format djing, Taylor Jordn allows me to take listeners on a sonic journey blending elements from different electronic tracks into a new soundscape. Being from Detroit I have always had a passion for techno.

Techno has saved me from my darkest moments and given me an open and all accepting environment where I found sanctuary in the community.

As Taylor Jordn my main focus is music production with consistent releases. I am currently finishing up a few EPs and collaborations which I am excited to send to my favourite underground labels.

I also am a full-time Twitch Stream and PC Gamer.

DJ Taylor Jordn Gaming on her personal PC

Khoé: How long have you been a DJ? How did you start out and what’s the biggest challenge and reward so far? Any tips you would give to people who want to pursue their dream?

Taylor: I wouldn’t call my road exactly smooth, transitioning from Detroit to Los Angeles was a massive jump for me. Leaving my family, friends and dogs back home only to be thrown right into the Heart of Hollywood. Not only was it crazy expensive to relocate, it was a bit of a culture shock.

Along with the culture shock, I found myself, a young woman, in a male dominated industry facing stereotypes, expectations and unforeseen assumptions. My advice would be to stay true to yourself and keep doing you.

Another, would be to trust your instinct, if something doesn’t seem right. Never compromise your integrity for someone’s promise of fame, fortune or success. Focus on building a positive support system with people who genuinely care about your well-being.

Khoé: What does jewellery mean to you? Could you share a few tips choosing or handling your jewellery pieces?

Taylor: Jewellery is an extension of style and creativity for me. I love pairing different pieces and mixing metals in my looks. I like picking out looks that not everyone has. Also I like finding unique high-quality pieces that are not only timeless but are comfortable too.

Khoé: What is your favourite Khoé piece and why?

Taylor: Alphabet 18K Nue Diamond necklace (Letter T) (White Gold) Is my favourite because it’s a timeless simple piece but is custom to you with the letter of your name. It looks classy but can be casual too.

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