What Are The Aquarius Birthstones

The 11th sign of the Zodiac is Aquarius. People born between January 19th and February 19th are Aquarians. Uranus is the ruling planet and the element of air. The water bearers symbolize Aquarians, and while you would think that this means they are pretty awesome at going with the flow, in reality, they are forever blowing in and out and bringing them the sweet breath of self-assurance. People who share aquarians Zodiac are all about independence, and just like the wind outside your window, you cannot pin the aquarium down. To heal the signs thoroughly, it is recommended to use birthstone crystals, and you can learn about these crystals here.

Basics about the Aquarius birthstones

You can find some healing stones that perfect match the astrological sign of Aquarius. These precious stones match the Zodiac signs and go beyond focusing on clearing out negative energy and matching with the beautiful, beneficial traits that Aquarius has. In short, these birthstones strengthen the exquisite sense of freedom and sparkle with intellect.  They are perfect for healing the heart and nurturing soft communication, besides helping in balancing mood swings, which can bring the inquiries down at times. You can learn about all the perfect gemstones under this guide, and the best part is that you can get perfect gemstones from Khoé Jewellery.



This is known as the main birthstone or the power stone for Aquarius. It is powerful when paired with Aquarians who are born in February. The bluish-purple stone is infused by the Uranus energies. Highly spiritual, it is linked with the crown and third eye chakra. Because of the ruling presence of Uranus in the sign, the aquarian can be prone to feelings of nervousness feelings, but this birthstone helps to keep a check on the mood swings and stabilize all the emotions.



A protective crystal amber is perfect for new beginnings, and it transforms negative energy. In short, it brings emotional stability and healing to the aquarian who is busy looking to change the world. It is also connected to the sacral and solar plexus chakra, which helps in instilling confidence and determination.


The sea green stone of courage is used to give sailors the bravery to face huge waters, and it is perfect to be used on the full moon. The birthstone helped in bringing clarity of mind, confidence, and foresight besides resonance with the throat chakra that allows you to speak personal truths. As Aquarians are more likely to be introverted, aquamarine empowers them in the perfect ways.

Black Onyx

This is basically linked with the root chakra and black Onyx protects and helps to ground extra energy. All that anxiety or stress which stems from self-doubt or overworking will not be able to take hold of the aquarian. This stone connects the dualities in people’s personalities and encourages self-awareness. It provides fantastic help when you need to release all the emotional trauma.



A heavy silver-grey iron ore crystal that grounds and detoxifies hematite derives its name from the Greek word for blood. The crystal has some self-healing properties which lend themselves to overcoming trauma or even self-imposed limitations. It connects people more deeply to their purpose, which clears up all the confusion. Hematite brings the Aquarius air signs back to the earth and balances its idealism with the given reality. It’s a root chakra stone, so it blocks all the pollution which is emitted by electronic devices.



Jasper-brilliantly pairs-with-garnet

Jasper comes in different colors, but the red variety works perfectly for Aquarius. The stone connects to the sacral and root chakras grounding energy besides encouraging creativity and self-confidence. It is also known as endurance stone, and it keeps airy aquarian anchored and protected from all types of burnout. It is useful for clearing base chakras and is prominently known as a stone that brings prosperity. Jasper also brilliantly pairs with garnet.



The glorious red garnet glows with confidence, making it the best birthstone for January Aquarians. A flickering flame that warms the winter heart, the birthstone is set to be a symbol of purity, truth, and personal growth. It is also known to be the stone of commitment, and you must know that those freedom-seeking Aquarians can struggle with it. In short, commitment goes beyond committing to a relationship but also committing to dreams, plans, and a deeper self. If equivariance gets a little cold at times, then they can use garnet for boosting energy and immunity. Emotionally it helps in building self-confidence and clears out all the negativities. So get the best garnet today by visiting Khoé Jewellery.



Sodalite is prominently known as the poet’s stone. The blue and white stone has a mind center, which helps the aquarian to focus on managing busy schedules effectively. It also helps in stimulating creative ideas while reinforcing clarity, effectively improving concentration and knowledge memory retention. Besides organizational quality, sodalite also helps self-conscious Aquarius to discover like-minded people and friendships and is connected to the eye and throat chakra



Moonstone basically connects feminine energy to the lunar cycle. It helps Aquarians to flow with the changing life season. When they are flying high on the freedom cycle, Aquarians can become frustrated by the desire of the world to put limitations on their objectives. The moonstone teaches them to respect cycles of change in the same way the moon wanes and waxes. It is one of the best stones for reconnecting an aquarian with their emotions if they lose touch with themselves or feel isolated at times.

These are some of the birthstones that you should know about being an aquarian. Aquarius is a complex sign and, fittingly, therefore, has a great crystals list which is favorable for them. Just like all other months, Aquarius crosses between two months, so there are basically two birthstones, one for each month. You can check out this list and order the birthstone, which perfectly aligns with the situation, by visiting Khoé Jewellery.