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Isn’t it ironic when we tell you that something is ancient and yet modern? But Khoé Jewellery is here to beat the irony! 

To give a modernistic garb to the traditional enamel jewelry Khoé jewellery has treasured customised designs to give you the best of both worlds!  Enameling is a technique that has been influenced by many cultures, each with its own style.

 From enamel diamond rings to enamel earrings, the enamel collection of Khoé Jewellery is vast and full of depth and beauty – just like the ocean! Enamel is available in a range of designs, so if you prefer bold, statement jewellery or something more subtle, there’s always something that will suit you and your style! Choose from a funky, edgy look or a more formal look. Enamel is a great piece to carry on a regular basis and even for special occasions! 

Buy enamel diamond ring for your special someone or treat yourself to the rich palette of creative designs! The fire gives enamel its colors, and the enamel jewellery, will, for sure-fire up your confidence and beauty! Shop 14k white diamond ring with different effects and shades of enamel exclusively available on Khoé Jewellery!