Gifting Ideas For October Born

5 Gifting ideas for October Born – Birthstone Jewellery

Did you know the birthstone of October is Pink Sapphire?

While pink sapphires are the most common, other colours like as green, white, black, purple, blue, and yellow sapphires are also available.

And trust us, it’s the warmest shade of love and luck.

However, if you’re looking to shop for September birthstone jewelleryyou should always look for the blue sapphire.


We know that pink sapphire makes beautiful floating diamond necklaces. But there is more to it than just looks!

Pink sapphires are said to have extraordinary powers by many cultures and people. They represent sincerity, commitment, and trust. They’re also thought to bring good luck and strong love.

Many brides choose the unusual, feminine colour and shop for October birthstone ring necklace. Pink sapphires are the perfect complement to weddings with a blush or baby pink colour scheme.

Pink Sapphire is an excellent supporting stone for enhancing bone strength and density, especially for patients undergoing reconstructive surgery.

The crystal’s energy is useful and comforting for patients going through the post-surgery healing phase. This crystal’s healing energy is especially good to people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Pink Sapphire invigorates the emotions while bringing a light, relaxing energy to the heart. It fosters forgiving and moving forward while helping to overcome depressed tendencies or the tendency to dwell on past emotional traumas.

Pink Sapphire represents passion and heart power, assisting one with overcoming timidity and more readily expressing emotions. It may infuse every connection with a loving, fun spirit, as well as revitalise one’s ability to be sensitive and passionate with others.

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