5 Gifting ideas for September Born

5 Gifting ideas for September Born – Birthstone Jewellery

Did you know the birthstone of September is Sapphire?

Raise your hand if you think sapphire only shines in the shade of blue?

The majority of people associate sapphire with a blue stone. While blue sapphires are the most common, other colours like as green, white, black, purple, pink, and yellow sapphires are also available.

However, if you’re looking to shop for September birthstone jewellery, you should always look for the blue sapphire.

What makes Blue Sapphire special?

No one will disagree, sapphire is beautiful to look at. But what makes September birthstone jewelery made of sapphire so special?

The blue sapphire has the power to free a person from mental anguish and inner prisons that keep them emotionally locked off.

This will also help you have a better understanding of yourself and become more confident in your own judgement and wisdom.

It will also motivate you to speak our truth to others, potentially elevating your relationship and communication with them to new heights

The September birthstone was reputed to have healing powers as well. Medieval Europeans believed that sapphire cured plague boils and diseases of the eye. The sapphire birthstone was also thought to be an antidote to poison.

September birthstone ring or necklace? What’s your pick?

A lot of us get confused whether a ring would be an idea birthstone jewellery or a necklace. You don’t have to worry anymore!  Khoé Jewellery has the ultimate solution for you!

Explore our range of ring necklaces for the best and most thoughtful gifting idea!

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