Interview with Eczema Warrior – Pearly Tan on Positivity and Beauty

Khoé Power: Interview with Eczema Warrior – Pearly Tan on Positivity and Beauty

Blogging with Eczema

We at Khoé Jewellery celebrate beauty and positivity in every soul. When you are gifted beauty of a different sort, you have three choices: let it define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Instagram sensation and the brave eczema warrior, Pearly Tan from Singapore truly embraces the challenge and turns it into a valuable life lesson to self-love.

Applauded with the “Most Inspirational BB” and “Best BB”, Pearly has been thrashing down all the eczema stigmas. She has created a safe space on Instagram to share and talk about beauty, eczema-fighting journey and inspirations in life. A healthy skin routine, mental strength and of course a dazzling piece of jewellery is Pearly’s go-to for skin positivity!

Tune in to read our conversation with Pearly for some pearls of wisdom on how to be confident with eczema!

Khoé: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Pearly: Most know me as an eczema warrior because I have been advocating about eczema in recent years.  I feel that there is a lack of knowledge available on this topic. Many eczema warriors suffer the same fate, but they are afraid to speak up, face it, or they simply have little knowledge about what to do about their condition. Therefore, I chose to represent the voices and change the narratives of people with eczema.

“Many Eczema warriors suffer the same fate, I chose to represent the voices and change the narratives.”

Khoé: We are inspired by your journey so far! Can you tell us more about your experience with Eczema? What are the challenges you faced and ways that you used to overcome it?

Pearly: Being an eczema warrior and coming to terms with it wasn’t easy as I had been battling with this condition from a very young age. People tend to give you weird stares when they look at you and your skin. They shun away from you because of their lack of knowledge. It is as if, you are carrying some weird disease on you.

“For the eczema on my legs, I went to the extend to alter my clothes and even my school uniform, so that they are long enough to cover my eczema areas.

“Initially I tried to cover my wounds by applying thick make-up on my face areas… As I grew up, I learned to embrace my skin. I started taking better care of it and came to terms with my condition.”

Pearly fighting with Eczema

Pearly fighting with Eczema

Khoé: Any advices you would give to people who are facing challenges in their life?

Pearly: Always stay positive as nothing is permanent. Without the rain, there will not be any rainbow.  What you are experiencing now is temporary, always believe that tomorrow will be better.

“Without the rain, there will not be any rainbow.”

Khoé: What does jewellery mean to you? How do you like Khoé Jewellery?

Pearly: I love all sorts of jewellery! They are like my second skin; I feel really empty without wearing them. There isn’t a particular favourite piece in the Khoé Jewellery collection because they all looked so delicate and timeless with a touch of elegance. But, if I must choose one, it has to be Khoé 18K Nue diamond necklace with my initial on it. I love anything personalised especially for me.

Eczema Warrior- Pearly Tan on Positivity and Beauty

Thanks Pearly for sharing her journey with us. Khoé aims to design jewellery that will represent beauty in its utmost grace!

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