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Emily in Paris: Modern Pearls and Introducing Khoé Nue Pearl Collection

After almost a year since the world has come to a standstill, Netflix’s latest ‘Emily in Paris’ will have you reminiscing of travels missed this year. From the delicious bites of buttery croissants to the breathtaking street shots in Paris. There are just so many things to love about this show.

What we have thoroughly enjoyed viewing are the stunning fashion moments. Comparable to Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, in particular how Emily has broken down the traditions of pearls and incorporated these luscious white gems into everyday accessories.

Khoé elegant Nue Pearl collection is the definition of elegance and grace, it’s perfect for the modern young woman like Emily.

Taking the French word “Nue” for naked, this concept is beautifully emboldened into Khoé jewellery designs. Design with shiny Akoya pearls floating alongside sparkling diamonds.

Emily in paris 6

“I feel like I’m dreaming and I’m about to wake up.” — Emily


Proving that pearls are not just meant for elegant soirees, this Chanel pearl bag was towed by Emily when she first explored the streets of Paris. We suggest pairing your pared-back outfits with something as gorgeous as Nue Pearl earrings. Featuring Akoya pearls, this pair floats with a delicate gold chain and diamonds.

“Desire does not mean lack of respect. In fact, quite the opposite. It is a sign of respect.” – Antoine

nue collection jewellery

We were so inspired by Emily’s styling in this scene, she wore an all-black outfit with a vintage Chanel pearl necklace. Taking notes from Emily Cooper, we suggest featuring the décolletage with something equally as sensual: Khoé Nue Pearl necklace. Beautifully composed of a fine chain, trickles with shiny white Akoya pearls and sparkles white diamonds. Wear yours for off-duty days at brunch or to your next gala event.

Emily in Paris: Modern Pearls and Introducing Khoé Nue Pearl Collection

“Like wearing poetry.” — Emily

Emily left us almost breathless when she appeared in black off-shoulder dresses. Looks like Audrey Hepburn had come back to the screens once more, don’t you agree?

Khoé Nue Pearl earrings were made for the classic and timeless moments. Whether on date night or more formal occasions, this modern pair is arranged with a trio of white Akoya pearls and sways with a floating diamond.

Modern Pearls and Introducing Khoé Nue Pearl Collection

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