Latest Meaningful Jewellery for Your Mom on Mothers Day
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Meaningful Jewellery for Your Mom: Mother’s Day Gifting Guide

Mother's day Gifting Ideas

We know that our moms will never demand any extravagant gifts from us, but why leave a single chance to make her feel like a goddess?

And can you find a better meaningful jewellery gift than floating diamond necklace or Mother-of-Pearl earrings? Of course not!

This Mother’s Day, while we promise to love our mothers unconditionally, let us also gift her timeless beauties of diamonds and pearls! Khoé Jewellery presents you an exclusive range of meaningful jewellery and high-quality diamond and pearl pieces which she cannot resist!

Let’s see what Khoé Jewellery has in store for your mom!

NUE 18K Poppy Diamond Necklace

This double-layered gold-based diamond necklace is the perfect extra diamond gift for the one who pours extra love on you all the time!

Nue- 18K “Poppy” Diamond Necklace

$ 450.00
18k Rose Gold
18k White Gold
18k Yellow Gold

Nue -18K ” LO VE ” Diamond Earrings

$ 420.00
18k Rose Gold
18k White Gold
18k Yellow Gold

NUE 18K LOVE Diamond Earrings

Show some love to your mother with these alluring pearl and stellar diamond earrings! This is literally the best way to express your love! And well, besides that, this can be the best match for her floating diamond necklaces!

NUE 18K Megan Diamond Necklace

Glamming with 3 NUE diamonds, this solitaire diamond necklace with floating diamonds, represents friendship, love and loyalty. Gift this to your mother – who is your best friend, first love and the most loyal and life long bond of your life!

Nue – 18K “Megan” Diamond Necklace

$ 522.00
18k Rose Gold
18k White Gold
18k Yellow Gold

NUE 18K Rainbow diamond Necklace

Khoé Jewellery’s limited edition features the celestial beauty of a rainbow captured in diamonds! By far, the most unique floating diamond necklace, this precious piece is made of exquisite diamonds and the unusual colour scheme create a sense of elegance and exclusivity. There are five natural colour diamonds in the Rainbow Colour Diamond Necklace. Your mother will most definitely feel like the goddess of beauty and charm when adored with this colorful elegance!

MOP 14K Diamond Lune Diamond and Mop Ring

Mother of pearl rings are undoubtedly the most royal gift for mother’s day gifting. Khoé Jewellery’s 14k Diamond and pearl LUNE ring will exhibit your mother’s stylish statement of sublime fashion! Completely surrounded by diamonds, this ring will make your mother feel like she has the power of queens in her hand!

MOP 14K Diamond Starry Diamond and Mop Earrings

For us, each mother is a superstar! In all of the galaxies, we are sure your mother is the one who shines the brightest! Khoé Jewellery brings a super starry diamond and Mother-of-Pearl earrings for the star that brings light to your life! We’ve tried our best to get the most lustrous diamonds and Meaningful Jewellery, but we know it will not match up to the shine of your mom’s love! But she will most certainly give the brightest smile to this starry earring, give it a try yourself!

MOP 14K Diamond Santorini Diamond and MOP Earrings and Necklace Set

In gold, sparkling diamonds, and resplendent mother of pearl, these floral studs or Mother-of-Pearl flower earrings will spell undeniable beauty of your beautiful mom! Flowers represent the delicate and bloom of nature that only your nurturing mother can provide! Khoé Jewellery has specially made this Mother-of-Pearl flower earring for the one who makes you bloom, for the mother who has given birth to all things beautiful!

WAIT! This is might be the end of our Mother’s Day gifting ideas blog, but it’s not the end of our collection! There is so much more that you can look out for at Khoé Jewellery! Visit and explore the largest variety of timeless, minimal designs of exquisite jewellery for your special someone!

Wishing all the lovely mothers, A very Happy Mother’s Day! You add light in our lives that’s brighter than the diamonds! A big thankyou to you all superwomen!

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