Best 5 Minimal Jewellery that you need to Buy

Wear your minimal jewel, the Schitt’s Creek way!

Evidently, when it comes to minimal jewellery, you could wear like Moira Rose or Alexis Rose!

Generally, the characters made a different and ground-breaking style statement. Don’t you think? Undoubtedly, it was designed by the director, along with Debra Hanson and the team.

Furthermore, the costumes were so finely designed keeping the social status of the characters. Likewise, this was even appreciated and nominated in Emmy’s for its costume.

Also, we saw Alexis flaunt her signature ‘A’ initial necklace in many episodes. Undeniably, it was a mix of minimal jewellery and statement earrings.

She was wearing minimalism on point.

Get your Alexis Rose look with our famous ‘A’ alphabet necklace with a dash of Nue diamond! Get your own initial signature necklace from our “Personalised Me” Collection.

Meanwhile, want to capture the high-class minimal jewellery looks pulled off in Schitt’s Creek? Shop with us Khoé Jewellery for similar products!

1. Layer 14K Trapeze Diamond Necklace

Chiefly triangles made with diamonds in a layered necklace!

Layer -14K “Trapeze” Diamond Necklace

$ 1,125.00
14k Rose Gold
14k White Gold
14k Yellow Gold

2. Bar 18K “Trios Amour” Diamond Necklace

Certainly a bar that attracts attention!

3. Fan.cee 18K “Morning Dew” Necklace

Above all, this is our favourite. They are almost like dew drops! Are we right?

4. Layer 14K Diamond “Devil’s in Details” Necklace

On the other hand are the layers! What a flawless finish! And, full of diamonds!

5. Nue 18K “Emma” Diamond Necklace

What is better than gold and diamond in the same necklace? Well, we think nothing! We have made these with gold chain and diamond drops!

Nue- 18K “Emmy” Diamond Necklace

$ 1,250.00
18k Rose Gold
18k White Gold
18k Yellow Gold

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