Most Trending Ways to Define Diamond Jewellery

The “Nue” way to Define Diamond Jewellery

Jewellers from all over the world are moving to innovative diamond Jewellery designs. Likewise, designers  focus on ways to make the natural beauty of the diamond to shine through. In short, this happens when maximum light enters the diamond stone.

How does it shine?

Let’s talk about how that is achieved. First and foremost, the diamonds aren’t kept in place by prongs. They are laser drilled directly and set with a gold hoop. Therefore, a floating diamond setting creates the impression that the diamond is dancing freely. Consequently, light has no obstruction to enter the diamond at any angle. And, the diamond is free to present its full brilliance. Just like your beauty.

To sum up, it’s our little secret to make sure that your diamonds reflect a luxury class sheen! And, you are our precious ally! Obviously, we trust you with our way! Watch the full video and know what sets the Nue diamonds of Khoé Jewellery’s dancing diamond necklace apart!


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The beautiful diamonds  fall on your necks and ears with a smooth touch!

Meanwhile, we know you got your eyes on the diamond beauties in the videos!

Certainly, we recommend some popular items. Check it out

  1. Nue -18K “Show stealer” Diamond Earrings

    The bold dancing diamond earring is clearly a Show Stealer! The elegant chains goes around the ears tracing the curves of an hourglass. The studded shiny diamonds and pearl will certainly win hearts.

Nue -18K “Show-Stopper” Diamond Earrings

$ 1,600.00
18k Rose Gold
18k White Gold
18k Yellow Gold

2. Nue- 18K “Amelia” Diamond Necklace

This floating diamond necklace is made with well put diamond pendants.

3. Nue- 18K “Love” Diamond Necklace

Watch this “Love” necklace highlight your collar bone! Add a charm to your look!

Nue- 18K “Love” Diamond Necklace

$ 470.00
18k Rose Gold
18k White Gold
18k Yellow Gold

This isn’t it! We have a larger than life (LITERALLY!) collection of earrings and necklaces.

Last but not least, when you buy a diamond for yourself, do you know if your diamond necklace is made in an environment friendly manner? We ensure all the material was mined and handled in an environmentally responsible manner. We only work with conflict-free and sustainably sourced diamonds supplier.

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