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Gifting Ideas

Gifting ideas for Easter

We have been blooming this Spring, and now it’s time to prep ourselves to arrange all the gift ideas for Easter basket!

Eggs, Envelopes, desserts, dresses are some of the mainstream ideas for Christian Easter Basket Gift Ideas, but how about some personalised gifts for Easter this year?

Complete your/ or your loved ones’ Easter brunch ensemble with minimally elegant jewellery this Easter!

You can club it with some eggs and fill up a basket with them or give them as one-off gifts to your favourite people, but no matter how you gift them, they’re sure to be a hit.

The best place to shop for affordable luxury designer jewellery, Khoé Jewellery, is offering one of its kind collections for Easter this year! Let’s take you through some jewellery gift ideas for easter basket!

  1. Shooting Star Necklace

Capturing the essence of the magical celestial phenomenon in sparkling diamonds, gift this divine necklace. Make your loved one’s dreams of getting the perfect jewellery come true!

  1. Smiley Necklace

Perfect Easter Gifts can be hard to find as who knows what brings a smile to someone’s face? But we know for sure that this adorable Smily necklace will definitely make anyone smile with joy this Easter! Diamonds and Akoya pearls formed into an aesthetic curve signifying the rise, lows and the subsequent rise again.

  1. Infinity Ring

If you want to reflect upon the love between you and your girlfriend with your Easter gifts for your girlfriend, what could be better than the symbol of infinity? The complexity and intricacy of the symbol of eternity will add more detail to the beauty of your goddess of spring and love!

  1. Butterfly Earring

The wings of a butterfly are delicate, but the touch of Mother-of-Pearl wings of our butterfly earring is all the more intricate! A perfect spring-themed earring that will make you shine in the brunch sun!

We wish all of you a Happy Easter! May sunshine make your lives as bright as diamonds!

Sending you Easter blessings and wishing you a reflective, peaceful holiday.

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