Knowledge on Mother of Pearl

Knowledge on Mother of Pearl

Glowing, glistening with a subtle sheen, the mother of pearl with its pearly iridescence has always inspired an artist’s creativity. Right from cutlery, mosaics, buttons, hair combs to jewellery, this highly versatile and adaptable miracle of nature enhances the beauty of any design it is incorporated into.

Mother of pearl is made of the same substance produced by a mollusc to build a pearl; however, it has a slightly higher percentage of water and conchiolin than pearl nacre.

The iridescence of mother of pearl jewelry comes from the play of light and its thickness, the thicker the nacre, more the lustre. These Mother of pearls can range from translucent to opaque; the interference and dispersion of light give its radiant hues and glow. Moreover, like pearls, mother of pearl can be white, grey, silver, yellow, blue-green, bronze, pink, red, brown, black or banded.

model- honey bee- mother of pearl earring

Truely, Mother of pearl is a beautiful and luminous material to work with; it brings the luxury of pearls but at budget-friendly prices. Keeping its elegance and luminescence in mind, our talented designers at Khoé Jewellery have incorporated MOP into an exclusive collection dedicated to its femininity, delicacy, minimalism in contemporary garb.

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